I love building things.

I have loved building things for as long as I can remember.

If it wasn’t Lego, it was about drawing a computer on a sheet of paper or building a spaceship out of furniture.

Software development is very much about building stuff. But there are many aspects of software development. Coding is of course a corner stone in software development. But even though coding itself is important and fun, other aspects are equally fun, important and challenging.

Because of this I have chosen to work with software development from several different perspectives:

- Writing code (obviously)
- Leading teams (people and project aspect)
- Product management (strategic aspect)
- Software architecture (craftsmanship aspect)

I currently work as Senior IT Developer at Nordea, in the Financial Anti-Crime area.


- Taking the lead when exploring new areas
- See simple solutions buried within complicated problems
- Connecting people with different backgrounds.
- Thinking ahead of time to capture opportunities and avoiding pitfalls.


- Experiment, prototype and adapt to changing needs rather than making big plans
- Go "all in" with a few things rather than having many things ongoing at the same time.

Hobbies in other areas

- Photo, video, animation, making movies.


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Per Ekskog


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